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Support to Communities In Need

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The Event:
In 2017, Tropical Storm Harvey caused major damage to the southwestern counties in Louisiana. The event was declared as a major disaster on October 16, 2017. Nine parishes were granted public assistance for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities (Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Natchitoches, Red River, Sabine, St. Charles, and Vernon). 

The Impact:
An estimated 312 residences were affected, with 67 either destroyed or with major damage. 75% of residences affected were low-income households. The estimate for total Individual Assistance cost was $2,794,004. The estimate for total Public Assistance cost was $8,301,657.

Our Approach:
The main contributions of Cypress Solutions LLC were support to the prime- Cypress hauled and installed manufactured housing units to FEMA sites, which provided temporary housing for those whose homes were destroyed or majorly damaged by the storm. We provided accounting and budgeting services to local electrical and construction subcontractors as well as general managing of services required. Our team provided management and administrative support to multiple units in private and commercial sites within (across) ______ parrishes.

State of Resilience:
Today... (what is the state of the area after your support)

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