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Cypress Core Values

At the core of our cleaning solutions is a promise to our team and our customers:

 to be professional, to be honest and to consistently exceed customer expectations.


You can count on us.


We do what we say.


We are honest and transparent.


Cypress Solutions is a multifaceted service provider specializing in commercial janitorial services, disaster relief, and preventive maintenance for a diverse clientele, including the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), with up to 400+ monthly customers, the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG).


Our expertise extends to the deactivation of Temporary Travel Trailer Housing Units (TTHUs) for FEMA and comprehensive mess hall services for the USCG, showcasing our proficiency in meal preparation, janitorial duties, and food service. Additionally, we have a proven track record in delivering light construction services to the US government, exemplified by our recent project involving infrastructure development for a trailer park. At Cypress Solutions, reliability, professionalism, and a deep commitment to both community and employees underpin every service we provide.


In 2015, Cypress Solutions started with its core values of placing stewardship and service above profits.  We believe if we hold true to our values and work ethics, the profits will follow.  Our founder, Donna Gaignard is a lifelong entrepreneur  . . . here’s her story: 


“I started a consulting business in 1998, and founded a non-profit in 2005.  In between those endeavors, I also worked in the social sector but decided to launch Cypress Solutions after a pivotal experience. I assisted a construction company that also did janitorial work.  An opportunity came for me to manage one of their projects and I found that I loved the intricacies of managing the project and the team, building relationships with clients and customers and ensuring the quality of services were five-star.


Bright Futures CLC   |  Donaldsonville, LA

Because of you, our customers, we have been able to give back to our communities. Cypress Solutions’ corporate charity is Bright Futures CLC, an organization whose mission is to create opportunities and experiences for young people in rural areas that they otherwise would not have. They work to provide quality hands on academic and skill-centered enrichment programming.

Voices from the Field: Afterschool in Small Cities
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Skip to :42 seconds for the Bright Future feature.


Visit the Bright Futures CLC website or Facebook page

to learn more and how you can get involved.


Want to join our team?

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